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  • Bistra village town hall - str. Calea Turzii, nr.100
    Telephone/fax: 0258 - 773105

  • General 8 grades school “Nicolae Ganea” - str. P.P.Aron
    Telephone: 0258 - 773106

  • Bistra village library - str. P.P.Aron
    Telephone: 0258 - 77310

  • Bistra house of culture- str. Calea Turzii

  • Bistra Post Office - str. Calea Turzii, nr. 100.

Sport association “Drum Nou” Bistra - formed through the Local Council bill nr. 18/20.08.2004, to provide social and educative activities and to provide assistance to those wanting to practice sports.

Cattle breather’s association from the Bistra village, Alba county.

The “Soimii” forest owner’s union Bistra, formed through the sentence 10/PJ/2000 given by the Campeni tribunal, Alba County.

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